About Coleen Fryer


image of coleen
My early career began in the production department at one of New York's top pre-press companies, followed by working for a high-end commercial printer. The experience I received I equate to gaining a solid understanding of the printing process, practices, and requirements. Inadvertently, I was taught graphic design by the art directors of national publications, seeing what was approved, what corrections were required, for layout and image. what worked and what didn't.

In 1997, I dove headfirst into designing a souvenir journal in Quark for a local PTA event. I had zero hands-on experience using Quark and I never even created a flyer, let alone a 24-page booklet, not surprisingly, it was already late when I took on the project. I did, however, manage to pull it off and the PTA was thrilled. They continued to have me create the book for several years. From that day on I was hooked, and I have been working as a graphic designer ever since.

I absolutely love being a graphic artist whether creating a complete website, banner ad campaigns, brochures, signage, to setting up a promotional product imprint properly.

Please call or email me if you have projects I can make happen for you.