Artisan Coffee Co.
  • Created brand identity linking Artisan Coffee to fine art.
  • Created logo, package design, K-cup label, bag label, and Amazon mock-up images.
  • Prepared the package design to the template, output final files to the printer.


Skin Rejuvenation Center
  • Developed concept for monthly campaigns and procure images
  • Chose images, wrote headline and copy, designed layout.


Skin Rejuvenation Center
  • Retouched stock images using Photoshop to fit the ad concept and to add in the company's products.
  • Created multiple sized layout versions to achieve optimum effect in each multimedia placement; ie., the company website, Instagram, posters, and more.


  • Designed a six-page brochure to introduce the company and its benefits to prospective client employers, using as little text as possible.
  • Researched the staffing industry to develop multiple infographics.
  • Choose, created, or customized stock illustrations.
  • Designed layout to template, outsourced printing and delivered final product.

    Longhorn Ranch Event Center
    The property that was being turned into an event center came with the sign from the previous business. The event center needed a sign immediately and had a small sign budget.  My solution was to print on adhesive-backed vinyl. I set-up the simple, high-contrast design with very different colors from the original sign. The goal was to attract the attention of the passing highway traffic. The adhesive-backed vinyl was easy to install, fit perfectly and was well within the budget.


    Custom - Original Design
    All logos were created as vector art Logos have versions for web, single-color, and PMS, CMYK and RGB specs


    Powerful Women of the Gulf Coast
    Organizing, coordinating, and designing, multipage publications is and I was the graphic designer for the organization "Powerful Women of the Gulf Coast" where I created thier bi-monthly publication. I brought the publication into InDesign, set-up standards for fonts, colors, and repeating sections master pages. Coordinated and communicated with the editor and the sales team in "BaseCamp".


    Pensacola Chamber of Commerce

    I was the graphic designer and the project manager for the Pensacola Chamber of Commerce. I created a book containing local information and articles written by the Chamber members whose businesses focused on senior citizens.

    I've created books and journals, for colleges, organizations, and hospitals.